-- Assemblée Génerale --

L'AG de l'asso aura lieu lundi 4 octobre 2021 à 17h30 à la Maison de Assos de Jumilhac

The vide greniers and Covid...

Reservations for the 2021 vide greniers are open but the 14th July is already fully booked. 

Safety measures currently in force regarding Covid19 have obliged us to modify the traditional arrangement of the stands to incorporate a "one-way" system. You can view this on the plans. It is essential that this be respected.


logoThe Fils et Cordes photo club is a group of enthusiasts that organises a monthly meeting to share our photos, our creative ideas and our technical knowledge, to invite a guest speaker from time to time and to organise exhibitions of our photos.  Several times per year we organise trips out together to locations or events where there will be good opportunities to take interesting photos. 

The club is open to anyone with a camera, even the most simple pocket camera will do, no experience is needed, we are there to help each other. 

The language of the club is french, but english or dutch speakers are welcome to join us and to benefit from the easy going atmosphere to help improve their french.

As a part of Fils et Cordes we use the meeting rooms at the Maison des Associations de Jumilhac, where we have Wi-Fi Internet access.  map   The club also posesses studio lighting and other equipment which is available for use by members for portraits and still life etc.  details

Membership fee : 15€   Contact David Keast : admin club photo (english, french and dutch spoken).

To view the club calendar of activities Click here

Soleil - Rosée de Nathalie Rousseau
Personnage biblique de David Keast
Chapeau de paille de Neil Thornton
Top shelf de David Keast
Musicien de Volker Haas
Canal junction de Chris Birks
Brietling x2 de David Keast
Jeune fille de Volker Haas
Même pas peur de Nathalie Rousseau
Voltige de David Keast
Couleur hivernale de Nathalie Rousseau
Ascalaphes au printemps de David Keast
Petit matin au plan d'eau de Nathalie Rousseau
Choices ! de Mille Janjic
Pommes et Calva de David Keast
Couple de Neil Thornton
Autre rouge de Nathalie Rousseau
Louvre de Rémy Nicolas
Golden morning de Mille Janjic
Paysan de Volker Haas
Tête de graines de Constanze Rubart
Métro de Neil Thornton
Nature morte d'automne de David Keast
Ombre de Chris Birks
Lyon bouchon de David Keast
Addicted to love de David Keast