Jumilhac le Grand, 24630 France

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Association Fils et Cordes (loi 1901)

Our objective is to provide a centre of leisure activities covering a variety of creative, cultural and musical interests as a more stimulating alternative to an evening in front of the box. 

Jumilhac-le-Grand, St Yrieix la Perche, Ladignac le Long, St Priest les Fougères, St Pierre de Frugie, St Paul la Roche, Sarrazac, Sarlande, La Coquille, Glandon, Le Chalard, Lanouaille - the whole of north Dordogne and the south of l'Haute Vienne.

We organise a Patchwork club, a Photo club, French language courses for foreigners, a Yoga club, Vide greniers (boot fairs), a Christmas market, Exhibitions and Musical events.

Committee :

Corine van der Plas - Président

Isabelle Baudry Keast : Vice Présidente

Marie-Reine CONGNARD - Trésorière

David Keast - Vice Trésorier

Catherine CROCHET - Secrétaire

Pierrette Jacques - Vice Secrétaire


Association Fils et Cordes
Mairie de Jumilhac-le-Grand
24630 Jumilhac-le-Grand

No Siren: 501 070 544 000 17