The objective of the association

introTo create a centre of leisure activities covering a variety of creative, cultural and musical interests as a more stimulating alternative to  an evening in front of the box ! 

Jumilhac-le-Grand, St Yrieix la Perche, Ladignac le Long, St Priest les Fougères, St Pierre de Frugie, St Paul la Roche, Sarrazac, Sarlande, La Coquille, Glandon, Le Chalard, Lanouaille - the whole of north Dordogne and the south of Haute Vienne.

Our activities include a Patchwork club, a Photo club, French language courses for foreigners, a Yoga club, Vide greniers (boot fairs), a Christmas market, Exhibitions and Musical events

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-- Assemblée Génerale --

L'AG de l'asso aura lieu lundi 4 octobre 2021 à 17h30 à la Maison de Assos de Jumilhac

The vide greniers and Covid...

Reservations for the 2021 vide greniers are open but the 14th July is already fully booked. 

Safety measures currently in force regarding Covid19 have obliged us to modify the traditional arrangement of the stands to incorporate a "one-way" system. You can view this on the plans. It is essential that this be respected.


Would you like to be able to express yourself better in French ?

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Upcoming dates for the Advanced 

in 2020 :

OCTOBER 16 & 30

NOVEMBER 13 & 27

DECEMBER 11 & 18



Cursus Frans voor anderstaligen

Wilt u zich (beter) verstaanbaar maken tijdens uw verblijf in Frankrijk? 
Word dan verenigingslid van 'Allez-y…' en start met een praktijkgerichte taalcursus Frans voor anderstaligen. 

Met deze basiscursus Frans leert u de taal zodanig spreken, verstaan, lezen en schrijven dat u zich in veelvoorkomende situaties prima kunt redden. Bovendien komt u meteen veel te weten over het land, de inwoners en de gebruiken.