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Relaxation : Salle de la Poste, le mardi aprèm de 15h - 16h15

(à partir du 6 septembre 2016)

Tarif 5€ la séance (cours d'essai sans engagement)



Renseignements auprès de :

Isabelle Plouchard, professeur de Yoga, diplomée de la Féderation française de Hatha Yoga

tél : 09 66 81 63 85


Formée par la fédération française de Hatha yoga, je dispense des cours collectifs ou individuels depuis 2007.

Le yoga a pour but de préserver au mieux notre santé, de gérer notre mental, mieux écouter notre corps, prendre du temps pour soi, être en union le plus possible avec soi et les autres, trouver un meilleur équilibre.      

Je propose un yoga accessible à tous composé des postures diverses (assis, debout, allongé) ainsi qu'une relaxation en fin de séance d'un quart d'heure (le yoga nidra ou rotation du mental) qui est généralement bien appréciée. Nous pouvons aussi exercer des postures à deux, avec un ballon de yoga ou bien avec l'appui du mur. Les séances peuvent varier également de rythme mais j'essaye de rester toujours à l'écoute des capacités du groupe. Le travail du souffle et des respirations font partie régulièrement des séances. Certaines séances sont parfois plus axées sur des thèmes (spécifiques au dos, à l'ostéoporose, l'équilibre….).Les postures proposées restent toujours une invitation. Elles sont accessibles à tous et toutes.

La fédération française de Hatha yoga, longtemps portée par Sri Mahesh a développé la culture indienne et le yoga dans toute la France. Ma formation de plusieurs années comprenait le travail des postures, du souffle, la relaxation, l'anatomie, la philosophie. J'ai également validé mon diplôme par la soutenance d'un mémoire.

Isabelle Plouchard

Would you like to be (better) understood during your time in France?
Then join 'Allez-y...' and start a French course designed for speakers of other languages. 

allez y 4126

With this foundation French course you will learn to speak, read and write sufficient French to manage comfortably in most common daily situations. In addition you will learn a lot about the country, the people and their customs.


The beginners’ class is given by Jet, who is fluent in English and Dutch; Isabelle, who is a French national, works with the advanced group. Courses take place every other Friday from 10.00 to 11.30 am at the “Maison des Associations” in Jumilhac-le-Grand. 

For more information:

  • Jet Vedelaar, T. 06 76 19 01 93, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Isabelle Plouchard, T. 09 66 81 63 85  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the planning : 2016-2017


Cursus Frans voor anderstaligen

Wilt u zich (beter) verstaanbaar maken tijdens uw verblijf in Frankrijk? 
Word dan verenigingslid van 'Allez-y…' en start met een praktijkgerichte taalcursus Frans voor anderstaligen. 

allez y cours

Met deze basiscursus Frans leert u de taal zodanig spreken, verstaan, lezen en schrijven dat u zich in veelvoorkomende situaties prima kunt redden. Bovendien komt u meteen veel te weten over het land, de inwoners en de gebruiken.

Jet (moedertaal Nederlands) geeft de beginnerscursus. Isabelle (moedertaal Frans) verzorgt de lesson voor de groep gevorderden. Om de twee weken is er les op vrijdagochtend van 10h tot 11h30 in het 'Maison des Associations' van Jumilhac-le-Grand.

Voor meer informatie:

  • Jet Vedelaar, T. 06 76 19 01 93, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Isabelle Plouchard, T. 09 66 81 63 85  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Downloaden planning:  2016-2017

The summer Vide Greniers (boot fairs) in Jumilhac-le-Grand

Info Visitors  14juillet

How to reserve a stall

The Vide Greniers on 14th July and 15th August take place on the tree lined avenue leading to the château and on the square in front of the magnificent château de Jumilhac itself.

From 9h à 18h the roads are closed and the town centre is dedicated to around 200 stalls offering : antiques, books, post cards, furniture, porcelaine, glass, clothing, CDs, old tools and bric à brac.  There are rare treasures to be found!!

More info for stall holders



A bar, a BBQ and a snack stall are available in the square, together with two cafés and an excellent restaurant (reservation essential).



The evening of the 14th July there is an open air dance with a first class band, followed by spectacular fireworks against the backdrop of the magnificent château Jumilhac. 





Members of the photo club can use the club's equipment both during and outside of meetings. 

The club posesses :

  • Canon 400D reflex camera with 17-55mm kit lens
  • 1 Vanguard tripod with ball head
  • 1 flash cobra ETTL Canon


  • IT (shared with other Fils et Cordes clubs)
    • Lap-top PC with Adobe Lightroom CC et Adobe photoshop CC
    • LCD Projector HD (1920x1080) Epson Eb1980wu
    • Colour printer A4 Canon MG560
    • Large HD flat screen monitor for displaying photos


  • Studio lighting
    • 3 lighting stands
    • 2 softboxes
    • Various modifiers such as brolly diffusers, beauty dish, reflectors, honeycomb etc
    • Backdrop stands and 3m by 6m white and black fabric backdrops
    • 2 continuous daylight spots
    • 3 cobra flashes
    • 3 remote flash controllers





Vide Greniers summer 2019

The Vide Grenier 15th august is fully booked since 8th august - sorry !

Reserving a stand

Which Stand ?  You can view  and download the plans  for the vide greniers here (Stands available are coloured blue, stands already reserved are coloured red.  The plans are updated regularly, but we cannot guarantee that they are 100% up to date at any one moment).  

14 July : La Place du Château

14 July : L'Allée d'honneur

15 August : La Place du Château

15 August : L'Allée d'honneur

To make a reservation please download the reservation form which you then send to the address below with your cheque and the signed declaration form (page 4).

We will confirm your reservation by email, so it is essential that you include a legible email address (otherwise please include a stamped addressed envelope).

Download the reservation form here : reservation form

Association Fils et Cordes (Vide Grenier)

La Mairie, 24630  Jumilhac le Grand



Reservations can only be made by post : we cannot accept telephone reservations.  For any other information you can contact the organisers by phone on tuesday afternoons between 14h and 18h on 06 04 45 26 55, or by email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Indisposition and consideration for others

Every year our vide greniers are fully booked well before the date itself, and quite a few people are on a waiting list for cancellations.  However, every year there are three, four and sometimes more empty stands - why ?   Because there are always a few people who have reserved a place, but cannot come on the day and who dont let us know.  As a result, the event is a bit less interesting for the public and the people on the waiting list cannot take advantage of the free spaces. 

How inconsiderate !!

We fully understand that there are circumstances beyond one's control from time to time and you have to cancel, but please let us know. videgrenier028lo



Orchestre Caïman Swing

in Jumilhac on the 15th august